Support for testing GPS Navigation&Maps in Turkey

Hi there fellow OpenStreetMap members,

This is Vlad from skobbler/Telenav. I am visiting Istanbul for the first time at the end of this month (at Startup Istanbul on the 30th), and wanted to ask for your support or recommendations in a matter: as we have our navigation app also available in the Turkish market, I was thinking it might be a good idea to discuss with some native people and see how we can improve it (

If you are interested or can recommend someone, we would need a native Turkish person that should:
-test the app 4 hours before we get over there
-then maybe spend with me 1-2 hours with me going through feedback;
-and 2-3 hours more for checking the Turkish translation

We would of course provide a development build so that person can test all the app functionality, and can rewards his/her efforts with 150-200 EUR.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Thanks a lot,
Vlad Ciurca

I can help you with Turkish translation