Support for interpolation for addresses with slash


Many of the house numbers here have slashes in them as a result of how the land has been parceled. I’m wondering if OSM supports this format for interpolation or not, and if not then should it? Example: 10/1;10/2;10/3…10/50

This was partially inspired from a similar issue the Vietnamese community has been having

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OSM do not imlement any interpolations.
OSM only store information for it.
Some programs could use this data in its own algorithms.
So it is question for programmers of paticular applications how they use the information.

By OSM I mean broadly the community and ecosystem in general.

I can only tell you about mkgmap, the program that is often used to create Garmin compatible maps from OSM data. With the default style it probably doesn’t handle those numbers properly, I think it will ignore the part after the slash, so interpolation won’t work well. The Garmin IMG format (as it is known by now) only allows to store integers, so I don’t see a simple solution here if both parts of the number are relevant.
If only the second part is relevant, the style could extract that to get better results.

Interpolation aside, that / will even get a warning in JOSM validation. I don’t think Osmand can deal with it as a search term either (iirc).

I think you should not interpolate house numbers. While I know that in some areas the neighbors have similar house numbers, I don’t think that this is a rule.

I can confirm that house numbers with slashes are a valid address. Ours has such a number as well.
And JOSM validator is totally fine with it.
Anything else would be a bug in the validator.

To back my previous statement, look here:

Unless in this area the house-number mapping is completely messed up, there is no interpolation possible between the house numbers. Not by looking at the number before the slash and not for the number after the slash.

Hi Stephan,

Thanks for that, there are some areas however where interpolation is possible, the series of shophouses at for example are in order.

The other issue I have is with condominiums, this one for example has house number 6/2-6/34 which is more house numbers that OSM will allow me to enter into the field. I just think if I could specify 6/2-6/34 things could be easier.

Hello Mishari,

In case of individual houses in gated communities, the house numbers are typically ordered. The house numbers in our street are ordered.
In “historically grown” areas i see them a bit more random.

The example you gave: Did you want to specify this in OSM house number tag? In this case, it has a different meaning. Some larger building often span multiple plots. These then sometimes have multiple house number covered in a single entrance. For that situation you would specify the house numbers as range.
But this is then not really about interpolation, but states that all house numbers belong to this entrance.

If a large building has number “3-5”, then you will also have to specify exactly like this when doing an online order (for delivery, or taxi). You can’t say: deliver to number “4”. You say “deliver to 3-5”. So there is no need for interpolation in this case.