Succesful editing but never uploading?

I started test this OSM-system some days ago … I managed upload my tracks therr very easily. I edited something with at first with JOSM and after that I’ve seen those edits with Potlatch in Edit mode (Edit->Start) and made some edits with Potlatch too.
But never seen my edits in “Live data”??

You are saying: The data displayed is live - i.e. straight from the OSM database. If you click ‘Play’, you can just practice mapping. But if you click ‘Start’, the edits you make go directly into the database: your edits stick the moment you make them, so be careful not to damage other people’s data.

Why my data is seeing only in edit mode? Beginner feature:?

This is answered in the FAQs. In short: you just have to be patient, or try changing layers in Slippy Map.

ok, thanks. Im a bit engineer - try everything before reading guidelines.

now I find my edits via Tiles@home … seems too complicated to me …

have funny mapmaking New Year