Suburbs in wrong context

When I search for the suburb “Petrie” one of the results returned is “Petrie, Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia”. The node for this suburb (4388465535) is more or less in the correct position, but Petrie is not a part of Redcliffe.

  • Queensland is a STATE within Australia
  • The “Moreton Bay Region” is a LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA within Queensland, just north of the “Brisbane City Council” local government area.
  • Petrie is a SUBURB within the the “Moreton Bay Region” - albeit in close proximity to Redcliff City
  • Redcliffe is a CITY within the “Moreton Bay Region” which contains a number of suburbs.

This seems to be same for some of the suburbs surrounding Petrie - Lawton, Bald Hills (which is not a part of the Moreton Bay Region), etc

Any ideas on why its coming up this way ?? Could it be that since a node was used instead of a closed way, the boundaries for Redcliff City have not been defined - and because Petrie is relatively close to Redcliff City - Openstreetmap/Nominatim thinks that Petrie is a part of Redcliff.

Any ideas on how to make this more accurate ?

suburb’s generally have to be part of a city or town (OSM mainly uses British English)!

You seem to have missed an administration level for you non-suburb. It would seem that the proposed admin_levels for Australia have postcode areas where other countries have municipalities. This probably needs resolving on an Australia specific mailing list or forum.

Once you have a valid hierarchy, you can use is_in to correct the parentage of nodes.

Also, looking at the map, there is no way that Redcliffe is a city in OSM terms. At the most it is a town, if it can be treated as independent of Brisbane.

(I don’t know how Nominatim handles a mixture of places and admin_levels.)

A good place to discuss this is the Talk-au mailing list