Substitution for FourSquare, Yelp, ... in OSM

There are many proprietary solutions which offer a service in order to rate different kind of places.

What about adding this to OSM? Most data is already available: places, including some descriptive information.

What’s missing:

  • Detailed description with pictures
  • Possibility to add ratings with description (basic version), maybe a credibility calculator of a reviewer based on the number of reviews and the likes he/she got
  • maybe the possibility to check in (for the ones who like that)
  • Display results in search
  • a work flow for modifying places, so that nobody can simple remove bad ratings by just removing and re-adding that place
  • mobile clients

What do you think? Anything missing?
I personally would be thrilled if this could be realized.

You are not the first one having such a vision to an extended use of the OSM project.

But main direction from the OSM “representatives” is most probably, that such a rating system is better build upon an own database, and not inside the main OSM database.

And often there are answers that the layout and features of is “only” an example what you can do with raw OSM data.

So I can only recommend to browse the OSM wiki, because there have been many different websites based on OSM but specialized in displaying POIs in some different ways.
Maybe you can find something interested there.

Thanks for your reply. As I can totally understand you points, I personally think it would strengthen the brand “Open Street Map” a lot.

In my opinion there are too many web pages dealing with similar things on the web. I bet that most people would not even know if they base on the OSM data. In the end most people end up using there favorite page (e.g. Google maps) where they find all important features.

It would be a good chance to set up something open in opposite to the big ones.