Submit a proposal to present at State of the Map US

Hi everyone,
I know there is a lot of energy in the US community. Interesting mapping projects you have embarked on. Local meetups you have been to, or even organized. Tools you are excited about. People you have met. I would really like to hear about all these things at State of the Map US in Detroit later this year. So I am asking you to submit a proposal to present.

If you think: ‘neh, that’s not for me’, please still give it some thought. Perhaps you have never done a public presentation before. That’s okay, about half of SOTM US presenters are in the same boat as you. People are just as interested in your OSM project / experience as you are in theirs. If you need advice, or you are not sure about what to submit or how, email me directly. The board is happy to help as well,

Some interesting talks from last year for your inspiration:

Many more talks to watch there.

July 1 is around the corner, don’t wait! Submit your proposal at


PS… Here are some things I am thinking about submitting a proposal about. Let me know which of these you would be interested in.

  • Bus routes and the crazy public transport tagging scheme
  • The new version of MapRoulette
  • Slack, mailing lists, forums, IRC, enough is enough?
  • Something about TIGER cleanup…
  • The OSM Foundation and You