Struggling with location name length

Hi Folks,
when entering my busines location OSM will only display a very limited number of characters. E.g it will accept “Timo Bierbaum” but “Timo Bierbaum Photography” will not be displayed at all any more. What upsets me is that I can see many names on OSM beeing a lot longer than that … What do I do wrong?
Any help is appreciated.
Cheers, Timo

Which part of OSM are you talking about? which software are you using?


seems that, if your business is not a ‘photo shop’, then it is maybe an ‘office’ ? … as i can see, neither of those is on that node ? … maybe that is the reason ?

Not true. Please see

Please enter the full name. The only reason you are probably even getting as much as you are getting is that there are no other businesses mapped nearby.

Whilst different map renderers will use different strategies, they all have the problem that multiple information will be competing for the same space on the rendered map. Some information will be prioritised, but even then, objects often have to be completely sacrificed on a fairly arbitrary basis. If you actually map every shop on a high street, even at the highest zoom level, there is not enough space to fit them all in, even just as icons, let alone a full names.

In particular, note that the standard rendering, is aimed to help mappers, not to be an end user map. Also OSM is not a business directory and renderers do not, in general, prioritise business names over other information.

Do not shorten the name to get it displayed, without changing your actual trading name, as that would be tagging for the renderer.

(What I believe the OP is saying is that the standard, Mapnik, rendering doesn’t show his business name, unless he shortens it.)

The priority for OSM is to get complete information in the database, not to show the full name of every business on a rendered map.

Walter, I’m using the OSM Edit mode.
Find the node here
I chose the Node-Icon for “Photographer” … since I am a photographer :wink: - And as I said the number of characters seems to be limited to 25 - regardless of the content. What I don’t get is that other businesses around show far more characters.
hadw: the problem is: the name is not simply “shortened” but just not displayed at all any more if I ecceed 25 characters.
Still no idea what I can change to get it working.
Thanks for your input!
Cheers, Timo

Maybe your node is too close to the node of PreciBake , and that seems to be an ‘office’, and maybe the ‘rendering’ of an office gets ‘prioritized’ ? Maybe you could move your node a bit further away from that node to check ?

But move it back afterwards, as putting it in the wrong place would also be tagging for the renderer.

(I was actually surprised that the office showed at all, as I thought offices were not normally rendered.)

Basically though, there is no guarantee that a business name will show at all in any particular rendering of the map.

A simple reload at browser level “solved” the problem.

Typical rendering delay, browser cache and provider caching problem.


@Timo: hier wird dir schneller und auch verständlicher geholfen:

thanks for mentioning that … next time i am not ‘interfering’ anymore … :stuck_out_tongue: