Streets with two names


Any suggestions as how to mark the situation where the houses on one side of a street have one name eg ‘Northface Villas’ and those on the other side a different name eg ‘Southview Park’ ?



Tear down one side of the street and take the name of the remaining one :wink:

No, to be honest I have no idea other than splitting the road into e.g. four pieces and toggle the name if it´s long enough, or put both names into the name field, separated by a slash or something.

Maybe it should be discussed here as well: (but the last posts are from end of 2007 there)


I had the same problem with a road, and although it’s dirty, since the information, which side of the road has which name is lost, the suggestions lead to ;. As this portrays reality quite well (no one except for the people living in that road really knows which part is which), I at least am relatively content.

Regards, Florian.

Does the street really have two names? Or just the houses on the other side of the street belongs to another street?

Hi Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve come across this a few times, and seems to happen when new houses are built on an existing road, and given a new name. Whilst tempted by the street cleansing approach of Kristian, I think I’ll stick with ‘name1; name2’