Streets with a different name on either side of the road

Is there a way of correctly tagging one side of the road as one name and this other as another. This type of naming nightmare occurs frequently in Kensington & Chelsea - especially SW5, SW3 & SW7, London. Another user has posted a picture of a sign I walked past today in Chelsea at The way is on the map as FIXME (it is off the Kings Road). I was going to name it Neville Terrace (West side)/Selwood Terrace (East side) This isn’t going to fit on the map anyway: its too long for the road. Also in the very small section of SW5 that is in South Kensington there are roads that are named differently on different sides that start in different places. In South Kensington (SW7), to the East of the RAH/Imperial College, near Knightsbridge (often where maps incorrectly place modern knightsbridge which lies a little further to the west) there are some road names that continue round the corners only, it would seem only on basement level. How will will deal with these The simplest kind on both sides, surely the names need to display either side of the road.

Yep, that is a difficult situation. It has been discussed on the mailing list before:

In my opinion this was the most sensible solution:

Perhaps it is of use for you.