Streets as areas

Hi, I wonder about my old proposal:

Over 15200 times mapped in OSM, and with own rendering of this feature in Russia.


Hi Marek,

Some remarks;
Wondering about what ? So why this question ?
The lanes on a bridge could be added to the construction, the reality, adding just what’s there. A sturdy object carrying several lanes or ways, called bridge. The pedestrian areas are not my choice; they make the (slippy) map unclear.
Have fun and keep mapping


Wondering about wide acceptance of this proposal. I´m happy about that :wink:
BTW: The french Mappers do it as well:
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Marek, my OFM already renders area:highway, so I support your proposal.

area:highway=bridge | man_made=bridge | building=bridge [0x0e default_name="bridge" resolution 23]
area:highway=* [0x0e resolution 23]

Wow, great, absolutely great.
Good job, ligfietser!

What should we do for implementation in the highest zoom Level in the main OSM page?

BTW: Could you add this information to the english proposal page?

Best regards!

I did some tags manualy from RWS database DTB area:highway but I used =yes

We could set all major highways in.

Done, see
About the Main OSM page, I have no knowledge about that.

Now we have in Poland also rendering of area:highway

Supported in rendering are all tags specified in:

We support now rendering in Bavaria, bu we see, the server from Poland is to small for whole Europe.

We´re working on the rendering of steps as area and the visualisation of the number of lanes in area:highway