Streets as area.

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the proposal:
is already over 15.000 times used in the map. See:

The russian OSM Community has already special map which shows streets as areas in highest zoom level:

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If you want to talk to the GB and Ireland communities about this you’d do better posting on the talk-gb (for the island of Great Britain) or talk-ie (for the island of Ireland) mailing lists. This forum (as you can tell by looking at the posting dates) is relatively little used.

Thanks SomeoneElse! I´ll do it.

New map layer from Poland with street as area:

More examples:


Small city:

The server is slow, be patient.

We support now also highway=footway + footway=crossing in this map.

Now the stepa as area is also supported. We work un the rendering in the number of lanes.
see sketch:

Btw. We render now Bavaria / Germany as well. (just now is thew hourly aktualization of database).
The small server from Poland has limitation. I would be great to render whole EU. Any idea what can we do?

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now we support also the turn arrows:

Small but important change in the specification:
old: area:higway=crossing + crossing=street value e.g. tertiary

area:highway=street value e.g. tertiary + junction=yes/roundabout/y_junction.

According to
we have over 50.000 area:highway elements in the map.