Streetlists of Haifa to complete by 100% (Haifa needs your help!!!)

Hello OSM Folks,

there are several cities mapped very detailed like Raanana, Netanya or TelAviv. But there are still streets missing.
To find those streets you could going through every streets and search manually for something missing. Long term job and probably you will still miss some.

So this is not that efficient!

In other countries there have been created a list of all streets in the city and then marked every street if it exists or not in the OSM.
I don’t see another way to find all those missing streets than this way.

So the question is: Where can we get a list of all streets?
I don’t have a answer for this but I expect that it could be possible to get such a list without big restrictions from the city itself.

Here is a kind of example for a list of streets in Tel Aviv:

What do you think ? Do you have any other suggestions how to get cities completed ?

well… Here’s one for Haifa. (link)
How would I extract the names of a certain City from OSM?

Is the site’s license permit us to use it?

Looking at the site’s license they state something like “Fair Use”, like adding a link to their site.
I would say that it sounds reasonable, and you can go for it! :slight_smile:

Can you screen scrape it, or maybe even contact them and ask for the list in one downloadable file?

Easiest I can think of would be to run Osmosis to extract a small osm file for Haifa, and write a script to extract all highway=* ways.


Here is the list of Tel Aviv’s streets.

AFAIK, it is not free for use, but I guess one can contact the Tel Aviv Municipality and ask for permission to use it.


Great Hesher,

this is exactly what we need.

The only thing we need to do now is to search 121 times at Nominatum for the street names:

  1. not found :frowning:
  2. not found :frowning:
  3. סלט Al Salt
  4. שד’ אבא חושי Abba Chooshi
  5. אבדימי Avdimi
  6. אביגיל Avigail
  7. אביר מרק Abir Mark
  8. אבן אל מוקפע Iben Ek MooKafa
  9. אבן גבירול Iben Gevirol
  10. אבן סינא Eben Sina
  11. not found :frowning:
  12. not found :frowning:
  13. אבנר Avner
  14. אברבנאל Abarbanel
  15. not found (Not sure) :frowning:
  16. אבשלום Avshalom


This list includes only data from OSM. Nothing was copied into this list from the Haifa page.
As my Hebrew is very limited it would be great to have somebody recheck this list for mistakes.

Of course it would be more professional to add it to the Wikipedia page of Haifa and link to the streets in OSM.
But maybe we can do that in the future.

I went ahead and sent a request for a list of all streets to, which seems to be the representative for this in Haifa.
See how that goes…

Meanwhile, here a list of the street names compiled from the website. Hebrew only i’m afraid although clicking the Hebrew name will take you to the webpage where the official English name is.

Hehe, I just now realized that the page you send is just one of several.
Of course there are more than 121 streets in Haifa.

So our first goal is Haifa now. I hope that some other will also help and go through the list to complete it asap.

In the end, a better location is in the OSM wiki, with links to OSM’s way browse page.


Of course, Meanwhile, It is easier to edit cooperatively in Google Docs.

I agree that a cooperatively work in Gdocs is more helpful. And as I see there is already changes :slight_smile:

Through the simple search I have already found a lot of missing streets in the list in the OSM Map.
But some of them are missing. Maybe the streets are mispelled or really missing.
But the list is a good indication for a problem.

Status 08.12.2010 / Just finished the checking of the first 100 streets.
Good news: 58 streets existing in OSM.
Bad news: 42 streets do not exist in the OSM (sounds a lot).

I wrote a small script to help with this effort. The script extracts all street names in Haifa from OSM. I added the results into the Google spreadsheet as a separate sheet called “osm”.
Since this is automatically generated there may be some errors, so feel free to fix. In particular:

  • All ways with a “highway” tag and a nonempty “name” tag were added.
  • The Haifa region was selected manually, so it’s possible that some streets from neighboring towns were added (e.g. Nesher).
  • If more than one way has the same name, a link is given only to one of the ways.
    If anyone is interested I can give details on how this was generated.


Now we have a list of:

  • all streets existing in Haifa (1098 streets)
  • streets that are in OSM (630 streets)
  • streets that are missing (468 streets)
Two things that have to be done now:
  1. Adding the streets that are missing to the OSM- map.

  2. Make sure the street names are equal to the Haifa table and not spelling mistakes apply (creating more name tags would be prefered).
    Specially the English translations are very unequal.

PS: For people not reading Hebrew the street naming in Israel is a mess. Every street sign has a different “translation”.


So everybody is welcome to help in both points.
This is for sure not a “one / two” people job.
We will need more help to complete this.

Any suggestions?

The problem is that not every street in OSM list is really in Haifa (According to Tamar) so we can’t deduct that there are really 468 streets missing.
For 2 people it is really alot of work. We need more people for it to get progress.

I went over the streets starting in aleph and made some corrections.
Of the 121 streets in the official list, we have 38 missing (31%).

I have changed all streets with spelling mistakes / different English translation with Yellow background (I hope its ok).

GREEN : Existing street and naming is the same as in the Haifa list
YELLOW: Existing street and but Hebrew or English translation is wrong / different from the Haifa list
RED: Street doesn’t exist!

There is an (maybe even more) important data on that website: The Haifa Neighbourhoods!

So I have added a new table to the table, with all neighbourhoods.


As I don’t have local knowledge, it would be great if somebody could go over it and add / check them in OSM.
This would also make it easier / possible to find missing streets.

Please follow the naming standard.

name = The name of the street. In Hebrew in Haifa.
Do not add “Rehov”, or “Rh’”, or similar.
Do add “Sderot”, “Simtat”, “Derech”, etc.

name:en = The name in English.
Do not add “Street” or “St.”, or similar.
Do add “Sderot”, “Simtat”, “Derech”, etc.

name:he = Exactly as “name”

name:he1 / name:en1 / name:he2 / name:en2 / etc.= Alternate naming.
Do not add “Rehov”, or “Rh’”, or similar.
Do add “Sderot”, “Simtat”, “Derech”, etc.

Of course, any other language is welcomed.
It would be nice if at least in Wadi Nisnas, Wadi Salib, Kababir, the “name:ar” would also be filled.
And again, do not add “Share”, “Shar’e”, etc.


Hello Talkat,

I’m sorry but what you call standard what was never defined as one:

Specially I don’t see any reason why not adding it to name:he1 / name:en1 / name:he2 / name:en2 / etc.
There is no problem to have too much data in the DB. We should bring this conversation back to the original thread and not discuss this topic here.

It is the standard de-facto.
Not everything should be standardized in ivory towers.
Sometimes we should just go out and map. :slight_smile:

The fact is that there are no streets in Israel which begin with “Rehov” or “Rh’”, or anything like that,
nor there are streets whose “name:en” includes “Street” or “St.”, or anything like that.

I believe that tt is important to raise this issue here, as lately some mappers started adding “Rh’” in the name:he field, which defeats the purpose in several ways, e.g.:

  1. “name” and “name:he” are different.
  2. You shouldn’t abbreviate. “Rh’” is a no-no.