StreetComplete v8.0

StreetComplete v8.0 has just been released :smiley:

Available on Google Play (now) and F-Droid (soon)
more info on Github:

And whoops, I forgot the announcement in the forum for v7.0 again, which was huge, so here is the changelist for v7 and v8 :wink:

UX Enhancements

  • Redesign quest forms and dialogs to a new look (this is quite huge) (#1158)

  • when leaving a note, it is done in the bottom sheet instead of in a dialog now so that you can still see the quest geometry

  • solve performance problems when downloading quests (especially housenumbers and building types)

  • only play sound effects when system setting for that is enabled (fixes #1187) and in “media” instead of “notification” stream (#1167)

  • In notes, shortcut the link to the element to…. for better readability of notes left by SC users (#1178)

  • tapping on the quest title now toggles expanding the quest to full size and back

  • it is now again possible to attach photos to notes

  • add “deselect all” button in the quest selection screen (#1203)

New Quests:

  • Railway crossing: How is this railway crossing protected?

  • Playground access: Is this playground publicly accessible? (#1134)

  • Max height: What is the height limit of this tunnel/parking entrance/height restrictor? (#960, #399, #421, #447)

  • Cycleway segregation: “How are the footway and cycleway laid out here?” (#527, #1135)

Enhanced Quests:

  • Building type: Added toilets and sport centres to selectable building types (#1124, #1125)

  • Max speed:[list=*]

  • Added pictograms for living street signs in Portugal, France and Israel, added pictogram for slow zones in Israel and speed limit signs in general for Iceland, Sweden and Finland

  • Can now also add living streets in Israel and Azerbaijan and slow zones in Mauritius

  • Redesigned to force the user to make a deliberate choice to either specify what is written on the sign or state that there is no sign. Also, beautified the input for specifying slow zones (#1085, #1149)

[/*] [*]Road name: Detecting more abbreviations in Portuguese (#1143)[/*] [*]Housenumber:
  • Disabled for Italy (#714)

  • The app will not suggest that an input like “5,5a,6” may be wrong

[/*] [*]Postbox collection times: Allow marking the postbox as having no signed collection times (#1118, #1076 )[/*] [*]Opening hours: Allow marking a shop as having no signed opening hours (#1118)[/*] [*]Any quest with selection of images: The last choices are remembered and displayed as first items (#1072, #73, #826)[/*] [*]Redesign note discussion quest (new: avatars displayed also) to make it look like a chat[/*] [*]Surface and building type quest: When tapping to expand a category, the view scrolls down to show the expanded items[/*] [*]Cycleway quest: Exclude motorroads[/*] [/list]

Small Enhancements and Fixes:

  • Orchard quest used to tag produce=tomatoe. Corrected to produce=tomato (#1171)

  • Increase number of quests that are downloaded in one go (#1091)

  • Undoing quests now removed quests that are no longer applicable because of that (#1131, #746)

  • Fix crash on attaching a photo (#1144)

  • Fix some quests were wrongly displayed as being disabled in France (#1150)

  • Fix an error when downloading the oneway quest for roads tagged as areas

  • Added a nice animation when solving a quest (amongst others #944)

  • Better feedback when manually uploading changes, do only show the upload-button when autosync is off

  • Show the blinking cursor within the housenumber, speed limit etc. input field signs (#1154)

  • When exiting the quest details, always zoom back to the previous zoom (#965)

  • The app will not automatically open the next quest for the element for which the user just answered the quest any more

  • StreetComplete is now ready for GDPR-related changes made to the OSM api

  • solve quest upload problem for quests on relations when phone locale is set to a Turkic language

Hi, you could add a quest for traffic signals on crossings

Congratulations for the app !!

I have been using street names quest. Some buildings located at corners have multiple addresses that can be on both streets of the intersection. I do not see how to add the appropriate street names for the addresses. An example: Upper Arlington, Ohio, USA, SW corner of Tremont Rd and Birchcrest Rd is a building with 4 apartments. The addresses are 1683 Birchcrest, 1687 Birchcrest, 3289 Tremont and 3293 Tremont. I can only add one street name. Other answers offers “It does not belong to a named street” and “Can’t say…” Is it possible to select specific addresses within the list to assign to a given street?

There are two quests:

One for determining the housenumber of a building. One for determining the street of a housenumber. They are asked separately.

If you find a building that has multiple housenumbers on the same street, you can simply specify them like for example “4-6”. There is an other answer option in the app that explains this.

If you find a building that has housenumbers on several different streets, it is not possible to tag it with the app. In this case, you can leave a note (“Can’t say” answer option) and explain it.

Since v20.0, the app asks for the street of all the housenumbers that are missing a street.

Thanks for this!

Browsing the github, I see you’ve also fixed the one-change-per-changeset* bug, which caused me to abandon an earlier version. I think it’s time for me to take another look. :slight_smile:

(* HDYC thinks that was my most productive period. :roll_eyes:)


Tagging number as “4-6” means a range? 4,5 and 6?
In my country the even and odd numbers are on different sides of the street.

Map each entrance to the building and put an address in each of them.
And also you can tag the main address, or the address of the main entrance in the building way itself.

Whoa, that was not even v1. We are at v21 now.

Well you can also specify “4;6;8”. But looking at taginfo, there are quite a lot ranges like “4-8” and I think in all/most cases, what is actually meant is 4,6 and 8. To have even numbers on one side and odd numbers on the other is quite standard around the world as far as I know.

Edit: , then input “-” into the small search field

Yes, that is the correct way. Fotts asked whether/how it is possible in StreetComplete, the answer is that for this case, it is not possible, so a note must be left instead (or the quest ignored).

I was referring to bug 1579, which you fixed last September, tagged V21. Thanks again for the fix. :sunglasses:

Ah, okay

I just wanted to give feedback here, on how I ma using the app. I will go into some things I think could improve another time (though its enjoyable).

How I am using it is on the #osmIRL_buildings project in Ireland. Most mappers add a building outline, but the further we go from home (their homes, or home areas) the less familiar they are, and so they add the building outline. As I said less familiar areas mean the mapper is more likely to do a building=yes and I think the best way to blitz these is to use StreetComplete in situ.

On my suggestions (I am sticking to one) I think an effort to game the app a bit more would help. I’m 6th in Ireland, but I have no idea where 5th is and how to catch her/him. The idea of a known gap to another contributor can drive contributions, without any incentive other than the badges. :D:D

Thanks for the feedback!

Maybe a leaderboard can help, yeah, but there is also a danger about it which is why I left it out deliberately. Too much gamification can lead to that some people may “game the system”, i.e. answering quests without (properly) verifying them on the ground. This is why I deliberately left out direct comparison with other mappers.