StreetComplete v2.2

Version two of StreetComplete has been released just now!

Screenshots, link for download, more info etc. here:

And since I forgot to post the release of version 1 here, here is what changed since v0.14 :smiley:

New Features

  • undo

  • compass mode, free map rotate and tilt

  • better UI layout in landscape mode

  • can login on osm with google account now

  • better credits screen

  • make created notes understandable better for non-users of this app and mention SC version

New Quests

  • toilet availability

  • powerpoles material type

  • orchard produce

  • parking type

  • crossing type

  • speed limits (, advisory speed limits, implicit speed limits)

  • sport(s) played on a pitch

  • wheelchair accessibility

  • hydrant type

  • recycling amenity type

  • baby diaper changing table

  • street lit

Enhanced Quests

  • can specify house names

  • Don’t ask for house numbers inside an area with a housenumber (i.e. schools etc.)

  • able to input multilingual streetname signs

  • street name suggestions for the street name quest

  • change building level quest to tagging

  • do not show quests for private roads

  • the user’s own notes (created on are now also displayed as quests

New Languages

  • Persian

  • Basque