Street or way "Width" tags

I am a flight simulator aficionado, and use X-Plane as my preferred sim. X-Plane uses Open Street Maps for much of its data, and updates with OSM regularly. I am trying to create Scenery for a fictitious airstrip in Knox County Kentucky. I want to do my scenery as accurately as possible. I have the following problems ;

  1. I have yet to find a tag in OSM OR JOSM for Street or way “Width”.
    a. many if not all of the OSM local streets (ways, as I understand it) are either too large or unlisted in terms of width., and I need to correct that; and,
    b. Is there a street-width tag? I only see primary, secondary, and tertiary road “tools” which might imply width depending on state or government regulations, but not specifically so.
  2. Streets, as depicted in X-Plane, using OSM Data, that should fall on the side of a hill or mountain, are not excavated into that hill or mountain and are displayed as “painted strips” that follow flat to the typography…very un-realistically.
    a. Could I use a “patch.osm” file to adjust the streets that lay along the slopes to show the proper “cut” into the mesh?
    b. Is this an OSM problem?

Thanks in advance for your speedy reply,


I hope you mean that you are modifying a local copy, as whilst OSM would want properly measured widths in the real database, they wouldn’t want fictitious airstrips.

OSM doesn’t have any topoograhy data, so any hills are being added by your rendering tools, based on some third party source. That source probably uses radar or lidar mapping, and may not have the resolution to show details of the width of a road. You haven’t identified the rendering tool, although your reference to patches may tell someone who is more familiar with the rendering chains than me as to which tool it is.