Street names do not appear on OSM view but in edit yes, why?

when I see OSM as viewer some street names do not appear while in edit yes. May someone suggest how to resolve ?

Can you link to the area where this happens?

Yes, this:

Here with edit view:

Maybe it’s a browser cache thing - which names don’t you see?

The only name that I don’t see is Via Arco Bulsei, possibly because OSM Carto’s “standard” layer only goes up to zoom 19,.

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Hello I use Chrome. I cleaned cache but what I see is only Piazza Bonomo. Thanks

Here is what I see:

From Piazza Bonomo there are other names hidden.

Not for me (apart from “Via Arco Bulsei”). Which names don’t you see?

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via Bonomo, via Arco Bonomo, via Arco Bulsei

OSM’s “standard” map doesn’t have enough zoom levels to show those. They’ll show on maps that have more zoom levels.

Some of them appear on Mapbox’s “Streets” style here (but not the tunnel - that must be just their style choce).