Street name list for a specific area


Do you know if there is a way to pop out a list of all the street name in a drawn area instead of taking it one by one ?

Many thanks

You can use Overpass and generate a CSV file of names (you will need to dedup the listing). Here’s an example Overpass-turbo query (using a polygon already in OSM, you cant use an arbitrary drawn polygon in Overpass ):

Thank you for the query Sk53.

Is it possible to add latitude and longitude to the query to generate an area to take road names from? (instead of drawing a polygon?)

Yes just use a bounding box query (overpass-turbo will generate one automatically as default query. The bits you need from the example are the out:csv() bit and the [“highway”][“name”] and the out tags. Like this:

Note these queries find all highways including footways so you may want to specific the actual of highway classes used at some point.

Thank you very much, that’s very usefull !

The MyOSMatic allows you to generate maps for printing that include a street name list. Perhaps not exactly what you need, but someone else might find it useful.

Thank you for pointing to the CSV feature.

A variant that deduplicates on the server.

An example how to do that (including deduplication),
and an illustrating example what polygon is searched in, and the documentation.

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