Street Length Brazil


I´m a new user of OSM and QGIS. I am trying to calculate the length of the streets in some cities in Brazil.

Could someone please give me an idea of how could I start?

I already tried to find a MAP in IBGE and other main Research Institutes but with no success.


A simple possibility: Use the Garmin program Basecamp (free), use either a map from Garmin of your Area (costs money) or a free osm map (p.e. a map downloaded from set a waypoint to one end of the street and another to the other end of the street and calculatein Basecamp a route between the two waypoints with one of the offered activity profiles, but not the profile “direct”. Normally the route will follow the street exactly. If not you have to set intermediate waypoints. In the properties of the route the route lenght is given.
May be you look first to the osm map in the internet: to see if you find the streets you want. (This map is zoomable with the mouseweel and shiftable with the mouse.)

Hello, some hints:

Edit: When you download the highways via Overpass they may go beyond the boundaries of the city. You have to cut the lines off in QGIS

Thanks guys.

I want to do something bigger. For example, how could I calculate the total length of the streets in Sao Paulo?

Is it possible?


Yes, it is possible. Downloading so much data via Overpass Turbo may be a bit to much for this service.

Here’s another possibility:

Download the Shapefiles for Brazil from Geofabrik:
Extract them
Open roads.shp in QGIS
Download the boundary for São Paulo:
Open the boundary shapefile in QGIS
In QGIS: Goto Vector → Geoprocessing Tools → Intersect → Choose “roads” as Input vector layer and “boundary” as Intersect layer → Create new shapefile

Proceed with the following tutorial I’ve mentioned:

Result: São Paulo has about 16200 kilometer roads which can be used by cars (in OpenStreetMap) (Projection: EPSG:5880).

Mr. Senior Member,

Thank you very much. It works perfectly.