street as area

Dear friends, I updated the wiki page:

Could you take a look in the ukrainian version?

Best regards,

Читаємо переклад оновленної пропозиції -

Оце вже цікава штука.
Є декілька опечаток.

Виглядає воно класно, але воно ж поки рендириться тільки в одному шарі. Чепецьк. Чи я шось наплутав?

where is your example?

I just try a simple edit at my neighbourhood, border not accurate as it should. I done it hastily. done 2 type’s just for test.

Чепецк.net (didn’t load/rend new part yet)

Your example is absolutely ok. Standard renderer does´nt support area:highway=*
We start to map it because changes in the renderer on the main page are possible only for widely used tags.
Russian, French und Dutch people do it in their own renderers.

I have an similar mapping example here:

marek kleciak, can you post a link for French and Dutch render’s?
I like see changes after my mappings :slight_smile:


Stupid is: Russian guys render it only for their country and the renderer from France is updated only every some weeks.
Be patient. When we consequently do it, the visualization on the main page would come as well.

Back to the 2008! :smiley:

And if you search an renderer of area:highway=… OSMAnd can this. And maps for it are converted regularly! But I don’t like the OSMAnd’s style of area:highway=.

Now we have in Poland an special layer with area:highway:
with updates every full hour. It is a kind of positive energy explosion: A lot of mappers do now area:highway mapping.

If you have an server, we could provide you the renderer.

Btw: I have updated the english version of this proposal.
Maybe you could check the ukrainian version?

With best regards to all my friends from Ukraine!

Dear Friends,
some of new things are implemented. Area footway, area cycleway. The brain beihind this development, user Marimil, is working on steps rendering (see:
Blocker are recently western countries. We can push it with more of such mapping, speak, make facts.
For today we have, during of 1 day growth of 11x of daily mapping of area:street=*.

With warmest regards to Ukraine! (Love deep your country and the people!)

We can probably enhance such rendering and include in next days the territory of Ukraine as well.

It’s very good news! Thanks!

Start with a:h mapping an be a litle patient. It comes. :wink:
If your area has bad Bing resolution try to collect lanes=* and turn:lanes=* information.
It is helpful as well.

Area: highway for Ukraine.


Looks very interesting! :slight_smile:


Big thanks to Marek and averyone who helped!

к сожалению рендер рендерит далеко не всё, что отрисовано
я даже немного испугался что поудаляли половину, а нет всё почти на месте
по донецкой области с дорог класса Н- до дорог класа О- всем добавлены площадные обьекты, но рендер наших иностранноговорящих друзей к сожалению их не отображает.

This query looks for nodes, ways and relations 
with the given key.
Choose your region and hit the Run button above!
// gather results
  // query part for: “"area:highway"=*”
// print results
out body;
out skel qt;

PS1/ кому интересно могу выложить денить .mapcss для отображения площадных дорожных обьектов к JOSMу с зебрами и бардюрками ))
хотя вот

meta {
	title: "Площадь дорог";
	description: "Подсветка площадей дорог, бордюров и прочих барьеров…";
	author: " Kontenta";
	watch-modified: true;

way[barrier=kerb] {
	color: white;
	width: 3;
	dashes: 6;

way[barrier=fence] {
	color: yellow;
	width: 3;
	casing-width: 2;
	casing-color: yellow;
	casing-dashes: 7, 20;

way[barrier=guard_rail] {
	color: lightgrey;
	width: 4;
	casing-width: 2;
	casing-color: yellow;

way[barrier=retaining_wall] {
	color: yellow;
	width: 3;
	casing-width: 3;
	casing-color: brown;

/* Стены */
way[barrier=wall] {
	color: brown;
	width: 4;

/* Пешеходные зоны */
way[footway=crossing] {
	color: white;
	opacity: 0.3;
	width: 20;
	dashes: 5;

area[area:highway=pedestrian] {
	fill-color: #00ff00;
	fill-opacity: 0.5;

area[area:highway=yes] {
	fill-color: #ff0000;
	fill-opacity: 0.5;
area[area:highway=junction] {
	fill-color: #ff00ff;
	fill-opacity: 0.5;
area[area:highway=trunk] {
	fill-color: #8aff00;
	fill-opacity: 0.5;
area[area:highway=primary] {
	fill-color: #FB805F;
	fill-opacity: 0.5;
area[area:highway=secondary] {
	fill-color: orange;
	fill-opacity: 0.5;
area[area:highway=tertiary] {
	fill-color: yellow;
	fill-opacity: 0.5;
area[area:highway=unclassified] {
	fill-color: #faff7a;
	fill-opacity: 0.5;
area[area:highway=service] {
	fill-color: white;
	fill-opacity: 0.5;

Dear ukrainian Friends, I have changed today something importanat in the specification.
A lot of users from Poland and Germany said me area:higway=crossing + crossing=street cathegory sounds bad.
We should use instead: area:highway=street cathegory + junction= yes/roundobout/y_junction.

So I did it.

Please adapt your wiki page.
Uname: are you interested in further development of this renderer? We need help for more details.