Strava routes cannot use some openstreetmaps roads


I am using the new route builder in strava and there are two very popular bridges in my area (I live just another of New York City) that cannot be used as part of any route, I cannot even place a waypoint dot on them (if I click on them the waypoint appears on the closest road). Both bridges show up as roads on openstreet map and they both show up as dark blue when the strata heat map feature is turned on . I cannot see any reason on openstreetmap why they are not being used in strava. I also think the openstreetmap data is accurate because Komoot (which is also using openstreetmap if I understand correctly) can use both bridges on routes.

One is the Croton Dam Rd in the west-southwest side of the new croton reservoir, separating the reservoir from from the Croton Gorge park. Cyclists are using this bridge when going around the reservoir.

The second is the W Westlake Dr on the south side of the Kensico Reservoir, also very popular with cyclist going around the lake there.

Can someone help me identify any issues with these roads on openstreetmap that prevents strava from properly using the for routes?

Thank you

Just a guess… is’nt it a setting in Strava Routes? They have changed the route builder recently and maybe the default settings have changed? If there would be an error on OSM then all routers would have the same problem on both bridges you refer to.

Thanks. Might be an option on the back end, there is nothing I can see and change on the website.

Did you try with other bridges in Strava? If others work, maybe you can find a pattern regarding the tags?

I am not familiar with Strava - is the route builder you mention specifically for cycling? If so, can you try building a walking route to see if the same thing happens?

Is this the section of Westlake Dr you refer to?
This was mapped as having no access for bicycles until 7 days ago. If Strava has not updated the data it wouldn’t be surprising if it doesn’t allow cycle routes over this way.

(When asking for help it is useful if you can link to the specific OpenStreetMap object as I did above, as it allows people to quickly find the tags on the ways you are asking about).