Strange ref on a few roads


While analyzing some OSM data, I came across some roads with odd refs - I have fixed some myself, but there are other I don’t know what to do about.

5 digit refs, are these real or typos?

Refs that seems to have been used incorrectly:

Refs that I believe are real, but may follow a new system? (maybe they should be mentioned in the wiki):

On a sidenote, here are some stats about our refs:
2369 ways are tagged with xx.1234 (with a dot)
1079 ways are tagged with xx 1234, xx. 1234 (with a space)

Best Regards,
Johnny Carlsen

Not sure about the first group, but I suspect typos are more likely. The second group contain what should indeed be in the name tag, although it’s probably worth noting that we don’t really have a standard for how to use the name and alt_name (and possibly official_name) tags.

The last group are local road refs. Their registration is documented here, but their use is mostly administrative and they don’t appear on signs. I could add a mention in the Wiki.

Hi Johnny / Paul,
I just posted some pics of the new signs, with a few questions about the numbers (see todays post “New road number format”
But I guess Pauls post above begs the question does 1-1001 replace XX.4001,
or supplement it ?

Where did you post this?