Strange bus line attribute (wikidata) in Budapest area

Hi all, while investigating the details of how the “wikidata” attribute is used, I’ve found that a certain wikidata entry is used in a strange way that seems to be erroneous. There are 1 498 relations referring the wikidata element Q26912967 which seems to represent a single bus line in Hungary (“Bus line 449”). Maybe, those relations should refer to a certain public transport network instead?

Since i’m no expert for public transport in hungary, i would be glad if someone could double-check the issue. Thanks in advance!

zokert added those tags, I wrote to them about this in Hungarian here:

It seems they removed the tags (without replying to me…) here:

If you still find some, I think you can safely remove them, it seems it was accidental.

Edit: I just removed the remaining bad tags. Actual line 449 still have the tag, thank you for finding this discrepancy!

Great, thanks a lot for your help!