Strange behaviour when using 'search' on the main page


If I go to on my mobile (Android running Brave), I can use the search function to find somewhere:

“hamburger” menu > search box > go

In the lower half of the screen I see that place on the map - great - and in the upper half of the screen I see a white panel with the “Search results”. So far, so good:

The problem comes when I click the cross top-right of the search results panel:

  1. the results panel disappears (good)
  2. the map display jumps one screen-width to the west, so the chosen place is no longer showing (bad):

This is very consistent behaviour - but it feels like a bug.

Is it a bug?


I reproduced it with resized browser on regular computer.

It is a known bug: (if you have a Github account you can upvote the issue what may have tiny effect on chance of someone implementing a fix)

As a workaround you can tap on found item rather than closing subwindow.

[EDIT] Oh sorry, you say it’s a known bug. I don’t know how I missed that in your message first time.

It’s pretty off-putting for potential users. I’d love to escalate it up and up and up!