Strange area for Narathiwat


There’s a strange way for Narathiwat here which contains the same data as this node the boundary as far as I know doesn’t represent the border of Narathiwat city.

Is there a reason why this is here? Can it be removed?

In my opinion you can delete the way. It sourced from an undiscussed import which added a lot of inaccurate data. If the way contains some data missing on the node, copy it over first.

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alt_name:en Naradhiwas;Narativat;Narativas;Naradhivas;Ban Bangnara;Bang Nara;Changwat Naradhiwas;Changwat Narathiwat
gns:ufi -3251737
name นราธิวาส
name:en Narathiwat
name:th นราธิวาส
place hamlet
source NGA GNS