strange admin levels (AL7) in Hungary


the admin levels of AL7 are very strange in hungary. Where is the best forum/list to talk about that? This forum seems to be almost dead.



there is something strange or even wrong with your AL7-boundaries in Hungary.

Up to Level 6 everything is fine:

But AL7 is very strange: Overlapping AL7 with the same tags and different Shapes.

I.e. the area of Balaton:

and the same area:

and all of them:

That is the same all over Hungary. The Al7 boundaries are twice with different shapes but the same tagging. I can’t decide which one to use for my Boundary Maps application. ( and as result: All AL7 and higher (Cities, Villages, …) are not available for download, mapping, creating shapes, …

I think there are two types (views) of AL7 in Hungary, but there must be different tags to separate them.

Adding something like boundary_type=* would help.



ps: Sorry for the double post but images did make me problems on the google based forum.

Instead of images it often helps more to specify the tagging or the object ID’s. Generally I believe you have met the Járás vs. Megye problem: our Beloved Nationalist Government decided to replace counties by different, smaller areas, however they did it in a way which resulted both system to be used, on the same admin level, often clashing or resulting clueless people, governmental bodies and alike.

This has been resolved in April this year.


Now one “set” of al7 is “administrative” and the other, overlapping one, is “statistical” and that is fine, because i only use “boundary=administrative”.