Stereographic Projection

I’m wanting to build my own map tiles using openstreetmap data. I need the map to be in a stereographic projection centered at a latitude and longitude I choose. Can I build map tiles in a stereographic projection? I’m not talking about a polar stereographic projection. I need the map center at a given latitude and longitude that is not at the poles. I need to know if this can be done before I move forward with setting everything up to build the tiles.

I would bravely say: you can do everything with the OSM geodata that is technically possible.

But to give you some hints, we need to know how you would produce a stereographic view in general. Do you know any kind of software that is doing that job in general?

From all the established software that can work with OSM data I never heared about Stereographic Projection …


Also enter “Stereographic” in search at … some hits about Antarctica

I work for a weather company and I’m wanting to create some OSM maps for each of our local radars. Each radar covers about 300 miles and they are in a stereographic projection. The center of the map is the center location for the radar, so that would be the defined lat/lon for the stereographic projection. I’m hoping to be able to produce map tiles that cover a 300 mile area, but that are in a stereographic projection instead of the mercator projection that most tools use when creating the tiles. I’d hate to have to convert all our current data from stereographic to mercator. It’d be much easier to create the map tiles in the needed stereographic projection instead.

Well, as I don’t know a solution, maybe you also ask at one of the OSM Mailinglists:

or you ask at any

You can certainly render map tiles in projections other than Spherical Mercator. The osm2pgsql utility allows for data prepared to be rendered to be uploaded into PostGIS with any projection supported by proj4. If you use the standard Mapnik render engine you may need to change the projection in the relevant XML (it’s a while since I’ve done this).

The thing that I am not clear about is handling tiles in a projection other than Spherical Mercator. It may be worth asking on an Open Layers mailing list. I know the British Ordnance Survey have their own OL implementation called OpenSpace which I presume uses their projection (OSGB36 or similar).