Status of the SDRP

In January 2021, the board appointed the Software Dispute Resolution Panel (SDRP), a mechanism for dispute resolution that the iD development team opted into. Part of the decision to install the panel was a re-evaluation by the Board and in public discussion among the Foundation’s members after one year.

Earlier this year, the board inquired about the SDRP’s current status. From the response, we learned that no disputes have been brought to the SDRP in the preceding year by developers, members of the community or OSMF board, so the body’s only activity has been an initial kick-off meeting.

Because this makes it hard to determine the panel’s effectiveness, the board’s preference is to keep the panel around for another year (i.e. until the early months of 2023) in the same composition and repeat the evaluation at that time. However, we would like to hear opinions from the community on what to do about the SDRP as well.

Many things changed, hard to decide which ones were the most important but some issues that resulted in SDRP being created are no longer existing.

How resource intensive is keeping SDRP around?

The original plan was to replace half of the panel’s members every year. That would take some time and effort on behalf of the working groups and board to identify and select suitable candidates. It also means that we would need a continuing influx of people wanting to join the panel.

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Then I would say that it seems worth keeping it around? But I am not fully sure.

Maybe change rules and reduce how often people are exchanged? Say, double their stay length.

The board did extend the term of the existing members to keep the SDRP in its current composition around for a bit longer, although as a one-off decision rather than by changing the rules. The question will therefore present itself again in the future.