Status of a map

preparing a longer trip in regions where good maps are not easily available I started downloading With every new download I found interesting new details.

Thankyou for this work.

Knowing that there is only a restricted capacity for proving this wonderful service I hesitate quit often to ask for a new download. But how to find out whether there has been a change in a map in relation to the last download?

Is there a posibility to provide the latest update of a tile in the selection map or in the pulldown menu? I am sure it would help to reduce the number of unnecessary downloads.

Good idea, but…

The tile borders are often in different places as they are determined automatically based on node density. This kills any comparison of tilenumbers between versions. If the tile coordinates are equal between two versions then this is pure luck. So, unfortunately, there is no option to update only tiles that have changed data (which, judging by the mapping activity, would be almost every tile on every update anyway I guess…).

Please use ITO tools if you only download Garmin maps to monitor changes in your country.