I noticed that the statistics over at are getting kind of outdated. Is there no way of autogenerating these graphs?


hmm, the top 100 user list is 10 months out of date…

I think that is a good idea, Since the stat’s are made daily, and blackadder makes the graphs from these, calculating the graphs daily must be possible.

Try suggesting it on the wiki discussion page if I were you, or ML it, but I think people may be busy on more inportant things…

imo stats are very important for such a project …

know seti@home? i think it was one of their officials who said once that theyd wish to have every user on a top10 because it greatly improves motivation.

i think it is exactly the same for osm … more stats → more user motivation

There was constructive talk about the statistics last week on the mailinglists, so I guess they’ll get back online pretty soon.