static map with KML / KMZ drawn onto it?


is there way to request a certain area of a map via URL, get an image and save / use that?

I do have a KML file with a handful of waypoints which define the area to display. The next step would be to draw a path / route from a linked KMZ file onto the map. The result needs to look like the image below - except that it was made with Google maps, but should use OSM data instead (cycle-map or topomap preferred).

After searching for a couple of days, I couldn’t find any “easy” solution for this. Does anyone have an idea how to do this?
Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

static map

You can export an image of a map (in different formats) from the button “Share” located on the right of website.

Thank you, I will have many KML over time and would like to automate this by a PHP script.
I have found the staticmap-service at openstreetmap ( but it’s unreliable and has a referrer-issue (?) …