State of the Map France 2023: ask your question to Simon Hughes - TomTom Chief Legal Officer

Dear all,

OpenStreetMap France, OSMF French local chapter will host State of The Map France 2023 conference in Marseille next June.
The lineup will be released in a few hours/days.
Simon Hughes, TomTom Chief Legal Officer will be joining us there to give some views about OSM and Overture Maps.

It could be an opportunity to discuss and get a more clear understanding following last months announces.

On behalf of organisation staff, I relay this poll to gather some questions you may want to ask to Mr Hughes.
The most prominent ones could be selected and answered during the keynote.

OSM username is optional and will only be used to contact you in case of further details needed.

Best regards


The link to the poll doesn’t work for me? “Page non trouvée”

Indeed, the page is not working

The correct link is: Q/A Q/R Overture Maps |

It was @InfosReseaux who wrote the message for me. I don’t write English well. I am part of the organisation team of the Sotm France. He will change the link when it is available

We will make another announcement with the details. A 1 hour format is planned and a video recording is planned and will be available on Peertube. We don’t know yet if we will be able to broadcast live. But no interaction will be possible from a distance.


So far, I haven’t received any questions.

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Does anyone have any questions? It’s crazy !

Hello @gendy54

We would greatly appreciate receiving additional questions as we are aiming to finalize all inquiries this week in order to be well-prepared for the event.

I will send you the questions received tomorrow, Friday

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Merci @gendy54

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Saturday June 10, 16h UTC +2
A chat room will be open for your questions to Simon Hughes during State of the Map France on the event website:
You can ask your questions in English or French.