Standard layer not loading

Hello, well, first of all, I’m sorry if this question doesn’t belong here. My problem is the standard layer for the web is not loading. This doesn’t happen to the rest of the layers (cycle map and transport map for example), which they do load without any problem. I tried to call the layer with, say, Global Mapper, and doesn’t work either.

Any clues on what the problem and the solution might be? Thanks.

I’d suggest mentioning the problem in the #osm-dev channel on IRC. Someone there will likely be able to guide you through providing the information that is needed to help understand why it is failing. See .

For me all applications using osm tiles are loading painfully slow for the past week

@Rassilon “loading slow” (as opposed to “not loading at all”) is a known issue - see e.g. .

If you’re not actually using OSM tiles to enable you to edit data (and hence need the level of detail there) I’d suggest using a different source of tiles based on OSM data. What would be appropriate would depend on what the applications you’re talking about are doing.

Right after I posted above I realized that I had been using OSM Inspector with Mapnik as the base layer. I changed it to Geofabrik Standard and all is well again. The other thing I was doing was using the OpenStreetMap (Standard) background layer in iD editor as a locator map, since the default “Locator Overlay” in iD does not show any town-lines, making it almost useless to locate anything. I could be 5 times as productive if it had town lines and I didn’t have to waste so much time finding things.