stairs=yes + indoor=room / indoor=area


On the Simple Indoor Tagging page it seems that stairs=yes is listed in the chart as “proposed tagging”.

In this proposed tagging chart, stairs=yes can be combined with either indoor=room or indoor=area. This seems to make good sense.

Is there any activity on this as a proposal or is there current support for moving this from merely a proposal towards OSM canon?

Thank you

Personally, I feel the real test for any proposal is how well it works for mappers and various types of data consumers in practice. The stairs=yes tag has some decent usage numbers already, but there aren’t enough different classes of applications using indoor data yet to tell whether it will work without issues. I’d like to see at least 3d rendering and proper indoor routing implemented somewhere to validate the concept. (OSM has some difficulties with fixing mistakes once they have been “canonized”, in my experience.)

Thank you for your explanation. Now I have a better understanding of where OSM is with this.