Stacked buildings

hi there,
i don’t usually use OSM, so please excuse me if there’s an easy answer to this.
our city transport company has changed its graphic style recently, and as a part of that, new maps of transfer places have been made.
visually, they’re great, but i’d really like to know how did the designer achieve the effect of ‘stacked’ buildings (as shown in the link below). is there a tool for this or is it necessary to do this by hand? (and also, it seems that the map is slightly tilted and rotated; the north is a bit to the left).

the area in question is Brno, Czechia, specifically the train station. coordinates are 49.1910 north, 16.6110 west

thanks :slight_smile:

Take a look at:

i did do that before posting, but there’s nothing that suggests how to make this kind of map - the closest i can get to this look is the Mapbox GL tool, but there isn’t even an option to export.

Such map can be made by using image of horizontal lines as texture for walls in 3D building rendering, both as default styling and possibly also overide any texture that have been set…