St Peter's Church in London


Could someone confirm that this church:

really lies somewhere within North Dock?:

or correct/extend the data?

Maybe this: ?

Couple of things:

  • Better to ask the original contributor via changeset discussions. I know it’s over 5 years ago, but always worth doing first. Most of us can only google for this sort of thing.
  • or talk-gb (this forum is relatively under populated).

As already stated it is, and could possibly do with a building=ship type tag and denomination=anglican too.

I note that the water area is mapped twice, once as natural=water and again as waterway=dock (which contains the correct name). I’m not certain whether the addition in the centre of the old dock is floating or created with cassions, which may be why two elements exist (i.e., the dock contains everything & the water excludes the new island structure.

A further addition, search for relevant open data using will_p’s OSM-Nottingham gives an address too,1,15&s=peter&st=SearchOpendataJson&co=false&area=nottingham