Splitting ways that belong to several relations

I have a problem with ways that have both tags highway and railway=tram tags. I want to split them into two ways because tram has a separate line and some tags may conflict with each other. But most of such ways are in routes. Some are both in routes for bus and for tram (e.g. http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/106437262). How can these ways can be splitted without editing each relation that is very time consuming? I would like to be able to make the full copy of the way so that it also will be duplicated in all relations and then to remove irrelevant tags and relations from this copy.

Try to split the ways in JOSM editor. There it pays attention when the way that is to be splitted belongs to certain relations.

To Duplicate an objekt there, select it and press Ctrl-D like in the Edit-menu.

Report us success or failure here …

I have tried it but it doesn’t do what I want and I can’t find any way how to fix it. JOSM just creates a new way with the same tags and new nodes. But it seems that it totally ignores any relations.

For example, there is a way with “highway=secondary” and “railway=tram” and it belongs to route relation. If I duplicate it, a new way with the same tags is created that does not belong to the relation. But I want it does, to be able to remove “railway=tram” and relation from the original way and remove “highway=secondary” from the new one.