Splitting a Building with iD

Can anyone explain to me how to split a building with the iD editor?

I found some instructions but I just couldn’t make them work for me.


Dear David,

One way to split a building outline in the iD-editor is as follows :

1/ pick the outline, CTRL+C to copy the item, then some distance away (prefereably in an empty spot) CTRL+V to paste a copy ;

2/ drag unwanted / superfluous nodes onto the next one to remove, or to a spot on the outline where they will be needed, till the outline has the required shape ;

3/ repeat on the item you copied in the first step, forming the complementary shape ;

4/ edit tags to suit ;

5/ move the item created in step 1 (and amended in step 3) to the correct place so that it complements the other shape.

And please : add a note as to what you did to what effect : makes it considerably easier for mappers who see your edit later on, and may even pre-empt a mapper w/o recent & local knowledge from correcting your edit to conform to newest but still out-of-date imagery …