Split great .GPX file into multiple .GPX files


I’m searching for a tool which can split a great .gpx file with many tracks into multiple .gpx file with automatic renaming. (ie. 1.gpx, 2.gpx etc) for uploading them to the OSM server.

I have a PC with W7.


Gpsbabel http://www.gpsbabel.org/ can split tracks (and a lot more), for example per date. Not sure about the renaming though.



have a look at all the tools listet at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Editing_GPX_Tracks

Is there one app that can help you?

I tried the software you listed - without success. After that I searched again and found this:


It works - but the upload it is limited to 3 mb, my file is about 18 mb !


Did you also tried to compress the file with any zip-programm, and then upload to the above mentioned forerunner tool?

Yes, the zip file is ~2 mb. The next step is, i’m trying to install the perl script on my webspace… lot of work just fot splitting one time a great gpx file…


no chance - the software autor of this perl script told me it’s not easy to install it on your own webspace… :frowning:

I have to search for another script…


Or you try to find a solution at other places where you can report your splitting problem:

log in with your OSM username and pw at http://help.openstreetmap.org to ask a general question about splitting so big gpx files,

or subscribe to one of the high frequent mailing lists at lists.openstreetmap.org, maybe there are even more experts then here in the forum.

finally a perl script have done this job…

after that I wanted to upload the 3382 files as zip file to the server, but it show it as one file :frowning: (I deleted it)

now, I have to upload all the files as single files…

is there a batch job for that? if no, i would go on with the single file upload…


I uploaded the > 3000 tracks with a Java Prog

Now the next problem:

I have > 900 waypoints (Hotels, Restaurants, Fuel Stations, etc.)

How can I upload them to OSM?

The data is as GPSMapedit data, but I can convert it to GPX. Or is there another way - because I don’t want to loose the category of the waypoint.


Can you post that script?

I could write such a script, but having done something similar in the past (for a completely different file format), I’m sure it would take me several hours to get it working.

I’ve tried gpsbabel and gpxsplitter, but neither worked. Likely my command syntax is at fault, but the documentation for each is inadequate.

I joined the gpsbabel mailing list (and got a welcome message), but about twenty minutes after sending a question, I got back a "you must be a member of this list before posting.

You can upload Waypoints as part of GPX files to OSM just fine. The only restriction is that there has to be a little bit of track in the GPX that you upload.

What you won’t want to do, of course, is add an emenity to OSM purely based on your waypoint without checking that it doesn’t exist first. As an example, here’s one of mine: https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/SomeoneElse/traces/2884997 . I use information stored in waypoints all the time when editing OSM (usually in a sort of personal code - “NS” as a comment on the “Man Overboard” waypoint named DOA204518 means "there are hedges north and south of the path here). I use Potlatch 2 (one of the available in-browser editors) for editing GPS traces and adding this information; other editors may be less good at showing waypoint details.

If your 900 waypoints are all over the place I’d suggest dividing them up geographically and doing each small area one at a time.

FYI I put together a little utility that does what you ask, though for .tcx files:


It splits them, prunes them down, trims them, etc, as desired.