Split closed way

Hello, I’m using JOSM to remap several buildings.
Often the building present has several ones inside it and thus I have to split it in several different ones.

I have found the best way to perform this to be the following:

  • Use the improve accuracy tool to match the outer shape of all connected buildings
  • Draw a way where there is the separation between two buildings
  • Select the way and use split adjacent ways tool to split the building in two
  • Select one of the two ways and the one I drew and combine them
  • Select the other way and close it by adding the last piece
  • Use the improve accuracy tool to correct the geometry of the interface between the two buildings

I’d like to have the following: Select a way and a closed way; press a shortcut and the closed way gets split into two separate closed ways.
Do you know if this is possible?

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Hi, I am away from my PC but out of my memory I would say:
Get utilsplugin2
mark two points on the outline and the outline itself
press Alt+X

That should do the trick.

Edit: What Woazboaz said :slightly_smiling_face:


Is the mentioned plugin installed?