Speedlimits missing northern part of Odsherred

I am trying to get speedlimits to work on Google Maps. Yesterday I found that the northern part of Odsherred, where I live does not have speedlimits. But when I go some 15 km southbound. Speedlimits supplied by OSM works perfect.
How do you add these limits to example Rute 225. Going from Slagelse to Rørvig?

If this question is about OpenStreetMap, you got me confused when you start your post with “to work on Google Maps”. As you might expect, not a lot of persons here are interested in Google Maps.

What do you mean with " Speedlimits supplied by OSM works perfect." ? Supplied to what ? Which app or software are you using. Google Maps is not using OpenStreetMap data.

I am using Google Maps for navigation on my wife’s phone And as you probably know. They do not have speed and speedlimits incorporated.
Then I downloaded an other app called Velociraptor. Which supplies speed and limits on any maps.
And this app uses OSM the get the speedlimits.
But the speedlimit is blank until I get about 15 km south from my house. Then it works perfectly.
So it has nothing to do with editing Google maps.