Speed Limit when Children are Present

Hi, new contributor here!

I’m trying to add a conditional speed limit for a stretch of road near a school. However, it’s not restricted by time, but rather by when children are present. Is there any way to tag this? A bit new to the whole system and I couldn’t find a good existing answer on this forum.

(Additionally, how can I mark this for only part of an existing road?)


This is generally signified by using the maxspeed:conditional tag plus hazard = school_zone. Something like maxspeed:conditional=20 mph @ (children_present; SH off) where SH is “school holidays”.

Here’s an area where a user has added the tagging to the ways as well as adding the signs themselves.

maxspeed:conditional=25 @ (“children present”) should work (naturally, changing 25kph as appropriate!)

In regards to the actual mapping, you will need to split the road at each end of the restricted area & add that condition e.g. Way: ‪Whistler Drive‬ (‪45710823‬) | OpenStreetMap