speed cameras / traffic enforcement

Hey folks,

I was just pointed to the following website showing speed cameras of the whole world.
Traffic speed cameras in Israel

As Israel is full of cameras there is for sure something missing near you, too :slight_smile:
As OSM is open and those data can be used by several recourses you data will for sure help people to avoid tickets.

The following website are showing that there is a lot more than the current 20 cameras in Israel:

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Here’s another good source, although I’m not sure whether all cameras are already in place:
article, pdf file

Having the lat+lon handy is handy. :slight_smile:

btw, some of the highways have a higher speed limit.


Some more info.

How to map, and here is a sample result.

Basically, need a relation with:

  1. tag type=enforcement
  2. tag enforcement=* (e.g. maxspeed / traffic_signals)
  3. tag maxspeed=* (if it’s a maxspeed enforcenent)
  4. role “device” on the device node.
  5. role “from” on the way where the enforcenent is made.


Thats correct,
but if you are in a hurry or just not used to relations you can also define a speed camera without a relation like this:

highway = speed_camera
maxspeed = 130

It will also work out. And show in the website I posted.
I have added several without the relation because I’m not sure the cam still exists there.

highway = speed_camera, please have a look at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:highway%3Dspeed_camera

ups. changed my posting.

From today’s news:
Safety Cameras- Changing the driving culture in Israel

Links to maps here:

I think OSM already has some of these (e.g. see here), but not all.