Speed Cameras : Open Street Maps via Maps.Me

A couple of things first:

  1. I searched the topic on these forums first, what I found was either out dated numerous years, in a language I don’t understand, or more frequently a combination of both; out dated in a language I don’t understand.

  2. I use Maps.Me and provide location updates (such as restaurants, department stores, etc.) to OpenStreetMap via the application. On very rare occasion - very rare - do I come directly to OpenStreetMap.org to update or look for assistance.

So, if someone could please help me, with directions, links, answers, or other information, to update Speed Cameras to the map, I would greatly appreciate it.

Recently, while using Maps.Me, I noticed Speed Cameras were now being placed, and that not all places with a Speed Camera had one listed. So, using the application, I attempted to place a Speed Camera on Maps.Me so it could be uploaded to OpenStreetMap.org. But I couldn’t.

When using Maps.Me to place a location or other POI, you get to pick from several ‘categories’. None of those categories are ‘Speed Camera’. I searched OpenStreetMap.org for an existing Speed Camera, as seen on Maps.Me; but didn’t find any in the area I currently am located. On OpenStreetMap.org, I tried placing a ‘Speed Camera’ as well, but only found “Surveillance Camera” as a category; again, no ‘Speed Camera’.

If anyone could fix my ignorance on this matter, I would greatly appreciate it.

If you are going to criticise existing documentation, you need to be specific about which documentation and what is wrong with it. Only that way can we direct you to better documentation or attempt to help you understand it.

However, in my view, you should not use map.me to request map updates. A lot of bad updates seem to be associated with maps.me, and it appears that there is no way of feeding back problems to the authors of those updates. I’m not sure, but I think they may now only generate map notes, which provide hints to direct mappers to investigate a location, rather than directly updating the map.

I believe maps.me also has a menu system that is not rich enough to allow good tagging of features.

My starting point would be: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:highway%3Dspeed_camera

Hi. Thank you for the response.
Just to let you know, I did not criticize, I stated facts without disapproval.

I use maps.me, because they simplified map usage on my android phone. To date, my experience with maps.me has been very positive, and I have been using it for several years now. It even helped me find my way when Garmin got me lost.

Checking your suggestion, I’m still at a loss, as I am as a matter of fact, a newbie to placing / updating openstreetmap.org with their readily available options. Placing items / icons that don’t exist on openstreetmap.org for me will be more difficult without a how-to.

Again, thank you for the response.

Was this the lage you were referring top? And were you using the standard web-based OSM Editor (iD)? Feel free to ask, we always like to help new Users.

If you were using iD, you can create a new node. As speed camera really doesn’t seem to be listed among those options on the left side, scroll down the list and select “Point” (the last option on the list, I’m not using this editor in English and don’t know how it’s called when your language is set to English). Then you see a list called “All properties” on the left side. There you can enter tag new tag values: for a speed camera, you set the property “highway” and enter “speed_camera” as a value.

Oh and by the way, maps.me is really a nice app and brought a lot of attention to OSM - kudos to the developers. If you want to check out another great OSM-based app, you might also try MagicEarth.

Thank you. I will try this and see if I get it to work. THANK YOU!

Well, it didn’t work. I did not see the options you mentioned when using ‘iD’.

I have a couple of screenshots:

Those were the only fields available to me, and it didn’t take the “speed_camera” entry.

Thank you though for the suggestion / help.

Try to enter “highway=speed_camera” into “All tags” section instead of “name=highway”. Delete the “name=highway”.

I also use Maps.me, but editing on a tiny screen with thumbs just isn’t very convenient.


  1. Long-press on location

  2. Copy GPS location

  3. Paste into note, and add info about location (eg. “speed camera”), possibly taking a picture

  4. Back home, sync phone with computer, and make change to OSM through Id (web browser)