Specifying typfiles in options file for mkgmap


i’m setting up a multi-layer biking map. Does one know how to integrate .typ-files into a options file? for example:

The options.args is generated dynamically by a script. I tried input-file (seems to be ignored when the ending is .TYP), typ-file, typfile. Found no documentation about this. Of course, the file 0000010042.TYP (capital TYP!) is present and contains the right family-id.

And - if it once will work - i found out the following:
Each separate .img contains a typ file with the appropriate family-id. These individual .typ’s are overwritten in the final step when they are combined with mkgmap to a gmapsupp (http://www.mkgmap.org.uk/pipermail/mkgmap-dev/2009q4/004981.html). I’d like to use mkgmap as it can easily be controlled by script-generated .args file. gmt could be an alternative but it doesn’t support giving names to layers - or does it?

Does one have experience with that? After several hours I’m getting a bit frustrated…


Just add the TYP file as an extra argument at the end of your mkgmap call:
java - jar mkgmap.jar -c \path\to\your\options.args yourtyp.TYP

thanks, csdf

I tried this before, and it works as long as the .TYP file is fixed text. I had the problem that the .TYP filename is generated dynamic in a loop in a windows batch script (it searches for an existing .TYP file in the directory which may be empty, and looks for the same file in the central typfile directory so I don’t have lots of copies of .TYP files for every style)
The command call for mkgmap seems to be generated before the loop is executed - changes via SET in the loop, don’t take effect on the generated command line.
I fixed it by generating a temporary batch file. Not nice but it works. Batch programming sucks…

If it helps I’ve recently swapped from scripting with windows batch files to scripting with AutoIt to get round some of the problems you described. So you might want to try an alternative scripting language.