special cultural maps

dear all,

i am posting here in hope to get some feedback how this could be done. i don t know if OSM is the right platform for it, but let s see:

i am working on special maps on the city of rio de janeiro (more artistic ones have a lookt here for some examples http://www.vimeo.com/8171296))
once i am ready i would like to upload these maps somewhere and let them be criticised by the public. i could upload it as PDF / vectorized or as JPG like the cycling map with the level lines.

does anyone has any ideas how this could be done?
another option would be just to upload the PDF and let it open for everyone to make comments on it. but this as well I don t know how to do that.

thank you all very much

okay, just to add some more details. i ll be only working on rio de janeiro. so it will be just an urban scale.

The link is broken, due to an erroneous parenthesis on the end. Proper link is http://www.vimeo.com/8171296
Irritating video, interesting concepts.

You surely can use OSM to help organise your geodata but don’t contribute anything which isn’t geodata, or which isn’t verifiable.
Please do contribute border data, locality data, landuse and other verifiable physical or political geodata. Also please remember to source your data in ways which are appropriate, and cite those sources.

Other data you might want to mix with OSM data for your project, but which isn’t geodata, for example population data or other demographic information should not be contributed to OSM.

There are a lot of different ways you can go to produce your final work. You mention PDF, you can create PDFs from OSM data with Mapnik. You might find this useful because the other data you want to mix with OSM may be in one of the many formats that Mapnik supports. Mapnik can also output SVG.

Another tool is Mapgen.pl, which you can use to render OSM data to SVG. SVG can be edited within many tools. Probably the most popular is Inkscape.

One you have your data in SVG format, either from Mapnik or Mapgen.pl, you can edit it to suit your needs and draw in other data you want to add. Inkscape can create PDFs.

Another alternative is Kosmos/Maperitive.

You mention you would like to show your maps when complete. There are many options to do this from just creating a page on the OSM wiki and showing your work through to registering a domain name and getting some hosting and putting up a website to showcase your work.

These are just a few suggestions. OSM is a very large project with many tools and many workflows/processes possible. Hope this helps.