Spam email from this site

I’ve just received an email from this site:

Hey there. We see you’ve been busy reading, which is fantastic, so we’ve promoted you up a trust level!

We’re really glad you’re spending time with us and we’d love to know more about you. Take a moment to fill out your profile, or feel free to start a new topic.

Can I just say that this is functionality which i don’t want & had no idea I had requested it.

This is a notification from the discourse system because you have enabled email notifications to new private messages.

The trust system is a functionality and the system is notifying you that your users had a change in the trust level.

You can enable “Skip new user onboarding tips and badges” on your Preferences - Interface if you want to opt-out.

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I suspect I will not be alone in not wanting this type of notification: the proposition is that we are transitioning the forum & help sites to discourse rather than creating a new experience.

I would therefore review the default settings for things like this rather than using out-of-the-box values.


Look there are many sorts of notifications we could argue about but I really don’t think a notification that you’re been promoted a level and now have new powers is unreasonable and that’s speaking as somebody that has turned off many of the default notifications.

It would be pretty evil not to tell people when they get new powers I would have thought - is it even possible to turn those off?

In any case any defaults should be tuned to the typical user, not to curmudgeons like you and me.

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You are correct. See this topic for more discussion:

I understand that, but this forum is also much more welcoming for newcomers compared to the old forum, and we need newcomers !

As a veteran, we can switch off these. I did, maybe because I’m also a Discourse veteran.

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That’s fine, but from my point of view there is no obligation to treat newcomers like children … :wink:

As this issue has been addressed more than once in this fresh place apparently many users dropping in from the old forum feel the same about this flood of notoficatons and messages.

Probably it would be a good idea to include a short info into the greeting message from discobot, telling every new user that Discourse is very communicative and it that would be wise to check the user settings immediately and to switch off all unwanted notifications and mail messages. This surely would help to avoid this issue to be addressed repeatedly in further topics.


I diligently worked through the profile and I really tried to disable all the notications and mail settings.

The only things still active are:

  • mail if I get a personal message
  • follow topic if I have answered to it

Nothing else.

I am still getting annoying Spam from Discobot. Today two incredibly important mails

  • “Concratulations that you were promoted”
  • “Want to see some advanced features?”
    Plus 3 notifications about exactly the same.

Is there a way to stop that automated Spam? I have run out of checkmarks to remove.

The link “click here to remove this sort of mail” leads me to a screen where I can stop following a topic which I never followed, so I guess clicking on that will not protect me from the spam for the next discobot level.

Or do I need to disable private notifications completely? But that will not only silence discobot spam but also meaningful attempts from other users to contact me.

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And if I try to look at it from the opposite perspective, pretending that I like the mails or appreciate the offer of an advanced tutorial, the mails still remain pretty much useless: They suggest an archaic and complicated maling list mechanism: “Answer to this mail with the following text”.

Instead of giving the user a simple link leading to the tutorial. That is a very strange interpretation of a “modern” communication software.

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