Spain maps - land showing as sea?


Am trying to get a gmapsupp.img onto my Oregon GPS for Spain, but when I have downloaded either the selected individual tiles (Malaga, Cordoba and Granada) or the whole of the country, this seems to result in the affected areas becoming located under water when zooming in from 50 to 30 mile resolution

Have read on other forums that there was an issue with some Spanish maps

Pretty sure I have done exactly the same procedure as previously for similar foreign trips, ie downloading the zip file into the garmin folder

Have tried leaving the folder unzipped and extracting the img file = doesnt seem to make any difference

Any tips much appreciated



From which site did you download those maps?
Which area is “under water” (because it can also be a bug in the OSM data)?


Maps were downloaded from

and the specific tiles I need are for Cordoba, Malaga, Granada and Jerez de la Frontera

Thank you

Do you have the latest version?
If I look at one tile I dont see anything flooded there.
Probably it is caused by other maps installed on your device?