Sources for listings of gasoline filling stations?

Anyone run into any sources of data on gas stations with location information?

I was thinking about making a request into the departments in my state and surrounding states that regulates gas stations to see if they can provide a list of all stations in the state. If they don’t have lat/lon, I figured I could run the data through a geocoding service to then be able to see where there might be some gas stations to add, remove or update.

Are there open source business listing available that are kept up to date that might be used as a source?

I was just doing some trip planning and realized the only way I could confidently confirm gas stations along the route would be by using google maps and not open street maps. I’d like to update available gas stations in open street maps so those listings could be trusted in rural or isolated areas.

In the US, there probably isn’t a consistent government service that would cover entire state or similar sources among multiple states. The closest resource would be , although I don’t know the licensing issues to be able to use the data in OSM.

Although All the Places is run by long-time OSMer Ian Dees and is licensed as public domain, it is collected by scraping websites. Such ‘collection of facts’ may be acceptable as unburdened by copyright or other restrictions in the US, but this is not true elsewhere in the world, and specifically in the UK, where ‘sweat-of-the-brow’ can create a copyrighted work. Historically, OSM has always has a very conservative view about the actual rights associated with such data: the aim is to create a geographical database, not create case law on copyright issues!

Personally I think this type of external data which can be used alongside with OSM is a valuable way of managing these different aspects of data copyright & other rights.

Ilya Zverev when he worked for Maps.Me arranged a large import of gas stations across the world. In North America there are a considerable number which need validating. See I presume as Ilya is not with Maps.Me anymore and Navads has been acquired that the data is no longer updated.

At least in the UK, gas stations seem to re-brand at a ferocious rate in recent years, so data can get stale very quickly. Most external sources (including Navads) is not fantastically well-located, but it was useful for finding one or two points which had slipped through regular surveying. The big advantage in the US is that most gas stations can be checked visually on Bing Streetside imagery, but you may not want to venture into validating the whole set of data.

Licensing agencies will often publish lists of licensees. For instance, here is a list of licensed retail fuel outlets in Michigan:

Such lists are often clearly public records which won’t have much in the way of copyright or use restrictions (depends on jurisdiction though).

Who would guess that the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is responsible for licensing all gas stations?

If there were no imports from databases or reference books (only facts were copied), there should be no problems.