"source" para Mapillary

Quero primeiro saber o que acham por aqui, conversando em fluido português. Depois vou aos desenvolvedores do Mapillary e, por fim, à lista Tagging. Se quando chegar o momento alguém quiser ser meu intérprete, agradeço.



Onde um ID de imagem — IMAGE_ID — está em URLs assim:


Onde um ID de sequência de imagens — SEQUENCE_ID — está em URLs de API assim:


Não sei quanto a URLs do website, ainda.

Onde um ID de usuário Mapillary — USER_ID — está em URLs assim:


O taginfo nada retornou para uma pesquisa pelo termo “mapillary”.



Pessoalmente eu só adicionaria “mapillary” na chave source do conjunto de alterações.
Se quiser ser bem específico, me parece que adicionar algo como source=http://www.mapillary.com/map/im/xX-eSeUqrTzMkc-3T2gq6w me parece ser o suficiente. (inclusive isso que é usado segundo o taginfo)

Eu não estava sabendo pesquisar o taginfo. O sinal de ‘=’ faz a diferença.

Hello from Germany

I am an enthusiastic mapillary user, too. From what I understand from Alexandre’s post (sorry, I learned only latin in school and have to guess :slight_smile: ) I very much love the idea to tag a link to mapillary! And I think that “source” might be the right tag for some occasions, but not in general. E.g. the source of a building may be Bing, but I like to also post a link to mapillary.

So I am in favour to add a specific mapillary tag, but I do not really see the necessity for 3 IDs. I think that mapillary stores the mapping between image ID and sequence, and to the profile, too. If I e.g. follow the link http://www.mapillary.com/map/im/xX-eSeUqrTzMkc-3T2gq6w I can flip through the sequence and see the contributor, too.

My example is: http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/2941109344 (see left hand side, I tagged it as “website”, which I think is as wrong as “source”.)

Best wishes to Brazil
Kay (kay_D)

Kay, no three IDs but three “possibilities” (modes) to refer Mapillary as source.

Welcome Kay! I think your Latin got the Portuguese pretty right. :smiley:

Perhaps the best place to discuss this is the tagging mailing list, not here. I agree with jgpacker that tagging the changeset and not the elements is better. I also believe that a simple source=mapillary is more than enough since people can still check Mapillary at the same location and find the relevant image (or even a collection of related images that together contain the full information about the geometric element). Say, for instance, that one means that “the driveways inside this soccer stadium were mapped using several Mapillary pictures”. It would be very difficult to capture all the details in a single picture, so multiple Mapillary images would need to be referenced for a single driveway, and this might be cumbersome, both for the mapper and for someone checking the mapper’s work.

Sorry my friends, I did not want to hijack your discussion and switch to English, please continue in português.

Alexandre, you are completely right, it makes perfect sense to have different options. Sorry I missed that point.

Fernando, in my example I wanted to outline that I wished not only to document my mapping (for that the source tag would be the right choice), but more than that help someone to look at the (in my example) vending machine because it is unusual and difficult to describe by tagging. I see it more as a “see also” link on a map.

Sunny greetings (ok, the moon is already there) from Würzburg

Fernando, the three modes would be useful for semi automatized checks or in sceneries with many photos. Info about POIs and isolated objects: vending machines, trees, gates…

Para isso realmente vir a ser proposto na tagging, semanticamente fará mais sentido a forma seguinte, não é?


Eu acho source=mapillary ou source:imagery=mapillary acho sufficient e conforme com tags similares por source=photosurvey e similares

Nao vejo necessidade de entrar perfil ou id no source

A intenção seria facilitar futuras auditorias, verificações judiciais.

Acho que este so complicando o edicao, o auditoria vou ter data do edicao pelo changeset, e pode assim achar os imagens certas da area.

eu is the only word I know in Portuguese, so I’ll have to use English…

I’m adding source=mapillary on the changeset. I’m not adding source to objects anymore. My proposal would be to simply use:


and I would only point to 1 representative picture. The sequence can be followed from there, or people can choose to look at other sequences.

I already created a ticket for josm and requested the author of openlinkmap.org to support this.

Bom dia! (o dois palabras mais :slight_smile: