Source:date VS survey:date

Hi everyone,
I would like to follow the evolution of the shops in my city, as it comes to change really often. I had the idea to use the source:date or survey:date in order to know what are the shops that have not be checked for a long time. But with tag is the best in your mind, and why ?
Do you have a best suggestion to track elements in time?


I use survey:date, but you cannot realistically expect most mappers even to provide a source, so only expect to see the ones you’ve mapped yourself.

There is also

I’ve read somewhere that the new criteria, now that it is possible, is to put metadata as attribute of the changeset, and not as a tag in the geographic features.

It’s been possible for a long time, but the mass market editors haven’t supported even source on the changeset.

It’s very easy to do in JOSM, there is a “Tags of new changeset” tab when you upload the changes.

Anyway, if a collaborator walks by the same street every day, and the feature is already mapped, there is nothing to change in OSM, and they are “continuosly surveying”, so the question “where are the shops that have not be checked for a long time?” cannot be answered.

If by “mass market editors” you mean MAPS.ME, then you might be correct, but all of the other frequently-used editors have supported it (in JOSM and P2’s case for ages, with iD less so - about a year I guess?).

I meant iD.

I primarily use JOSM and was disappointed by the apparent lack of this feature in iD, which only seems to allow the use of an unstructured comment, when doing small edits, or dry running updates to tell people here how to do them.

iD just seems to have a hard coded imagery attribute, but that is unreliable, as many updates appear not to have been derived from that imagery.

Within the last year iD gained the ability to add changeset source (and other) tags. I’m guessing it appeared at the same time as hashtag support, which was (at a guess) around 6 months ago?

I’ve probably stopped short of that screen in recent dry runs, because I’m always wary of accidentally submitting one. It’s quite a while since my last live iD submission.

However getting people to use them, when most cannot even do a good changeset comment, maybe more difficult.

Used in a local group of mappers, this tag still could be interesting.

Should we use this tag on an existing item, and keep survey:date only for the changes and creations ?